Originally founded in the spring of 1972, Northwestern University Men's Rugby is a NSCRO club in the WISCARFU Conference, as recognized by USA Rugby.

Northwestern Men's Rugby plays rugby 15s mainly in the fall, where we compete against schools such as Illinois State, Western Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Loyola, and UChicago. NU Rugby has been dominant in the Chicago area in the 2000's, winning the Chicago Area League (CARFU) titles in 2007 and 2009. The team continues to build its reputation both on and off the field, with the ultimate goal of competing in the Big Ten Division I League.

The squad — consisting of players with a wide variety of experience levels — welcomes all interested athletes to tryout if they are interested in pursuing a sport at the collegiate level. Interested players should contact recruitment chairs Nick Gatti or Jonathan Lewis at nicholasgatti2021@u.northwestern.edu or jonathanlewis2020@u.northwestern.edu.



  • Forwards
  • Christian Braun
  • Conner Brandt
  • Devin Bajaj
  • Erik Cook
  • Frank Joranko
  • Harry Forbes
  • Jalil Khoury
  • Juan Zuniga
  • Nathan Miller
  • Paul Kim
  • Richard Legler
  • Riley Wind
  • Tyler Lardieri
  • Zack Zuzelo
  • Zack Stark
  • Backs
  • Andrew O'Brien
  • Anthony Kajuch
  • Jonathan Hanitio
  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Joseph Sichel
  • Josh Greene
  • Nick Gatti
  • Ryan Teo


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